The Darkness Monthly Event designer applications are open

App: Darkness

The Darkness, is a monthly event, where you can find all kind of creations in their dark version, The theme for this event is always the same for every months, “Dark Style”. It’s not necessary that your items are Gothic, they can be inspired by other styles (Glam Rock, Rocker, Punk, Emo, Boho, Urban, Street, Hipster, Classic, etc…) but always respecting the essence of Dark Style.

● Open Round 5th of each month at 01:00 pm slt.

● Close Round each 30th or 31th (February 28th) of each month.

● 1st of each month we’ll return your items to your inventory.

● Set up start at 1th of each month at 01:00 pm slt .

● Set up end 5th of each month at 10:00 am slt.

● Your items must be new creations (dark style), and you’ll can not sell them while your round is open, after the event you can sell them in your store.

● 20 prims available for each designer and 1000L rate for each month (you can use your own decoration).

● 30 prims available for sponsors, (by Invite only) and a fee of 1800L.

● The payment can be made from day 15 to day 28 of each month in the rent box assigned for that. I understand all booths must be paid for in advance and set up completely. Event fees will not be refunded for late set up or failure to adhere to event rules.

● All designers that are late on payment or set up, will be excluided from the currently round, and we will check the waiting list .

● It’s obligatory to apply 1 time each 3 months, if you don’t apply for 3 months, you will be eject from this group

● You may to send your logo to TheDarknessME Resident.

● Please read all rules before to apply-

URL for pay rent box

Url for event



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